Starting Today

When I was 15 this was a project I did. In Grade 10 I had a very discerning teacher. I had received a C- on a project I had done and was very upset. I stomped into his little office and asked him for an explanation. spacemancard” This project is better than anyone else’s in the whole class! How come I received a C-?”

He did not even raise his eyes or stop his writing in his note book.

“Is this Your A quality work?” Well I had to say no. At that moment he looked up and said “Well Jacqueline, when you do hand in a project that is Your quality A, I will gladly give you an A.”

What an eye opener. His honesty helped me to challenge myself. From that moment on I wanted only to produce my best work.   And this piece was one part of that new work. Actually, years ago I lost a lot of my best work in trunk that went missing. But this piece I still have as a quiet reminder.

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