The golden hour

Many people have talked about the golden hour in photography it’s the time in the morning just before the Sun rises and the time just before the sunsets sets. This has a wonderful effect on shadow and lighting. We went down to the beach the other evening and walk through the bird sanctuary. Right now the grass is in full seed because of the dry weather. Look how the Sun was reflecting through the grass. It created an amazing glow.


Why do we get red, orange, yellow soft colors in the morning and at sun down? This is a good question. It has to do with the way light travels through the atmosphere. Different colors have a different wavelengths. When the Sun is high in the sky it generally appears white because the wavelength of all visible light reaches the observers with almost equal intensity. As the Sun sinks towards the horizon, sunlight enters the atmosphere at a much lower angle. The atmosphere is much thicker and this causes the wavelengths difficulties. Wavelengths of violet and blue light are shorter. Air molecules scatter away the shorter wavelengths whereas the longer wavelengths of light, yellow and red are able to penetrate through the atmosphere. This produces the most beautiful colourful sunsets and sunrises. The golden hour is just before the sunset. The design of the light waves is the secret to our golden hour glow. By Jacqueline Price.


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