Perspective in the sky.

Today we’re going to talk about landscaping drawings or paintings. You might have noticed sometimes when you look at a painting something doesn’t look right. Well one of the key elements in a good landscape painting is to make sure that your clouds are drawn in perspective.

So if you look at a cloudy sky, you will see that the clouds that are up above you or closer to you are actually larger than the ones closer to the horizon or near the mountain. This is the same principle of the road’s view when you
Drive down the road. you will see that edge of the road will  start to merge together, as you look ahead of you they come to a point. that point is called your focal point which create your prospective view. The point is always drawn at eye level or on the horizon. Then you would draw from the Point. Depending on whether you are standing to the right or the left of the road, this would determine where you would put your lines that diverge from your focal point to create your prospective view of the clouds in your drawing. Let me know how that works. I will post a drawing later

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