Drawing Shadows is not guess work.

Drawing Shadows is not guess work.

WE see light and shadow every day. It is part of our subconscious. So when we start to actually think about shadow and where and how it is drawn, you will find it difficult. we naturally develope what is a normal shadow and what is not normal. for instance. What if you saw a on the vase or above it. that would not be logical or normal. Because we see shadow always the same. They never change, they may move with the movement of the light source but it still will be the same pattern that we have seen before. This Goes for everything we see every single day

Before I learned this, I would just copy what I saw. But what if you want to create your vase and shadow from memory? You have to know the principles on how it works. Or it does not look quite right. Maybe one shadow in the drawing is longer that another objects shadows in the drawing.

Whether it is shadow, prospective, spirals or people. We need to know why what we see is a certain way. Which way the line needs to be on a building in order to look good. Has this ever happen to you? You spent hours on a drawing but something is not right. You would look at the drawing and all the parts are there… Have you ever had those moments, where you could not figure out what you did wrong. It’s okay, everyone has done it. Well I am going to let in on a secret…

Actually it is quite logical an not that hard. Everything we see is familiar. It follows a patterns. It follows logical design.

There are geometric patterns that can be used to create proper shadows,Prospective, spirals or people. We have discussed landscape clouds recently. we will continue more later.

Check out my other article on “What do we see in a drawing. Shape colour, shadow, reflection, negative spacing , contrast ” ..  Dealing with negitive spacing.

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