Last years successful art class

Last year, November 21. 2014

I had the privilege working with some wonderful children in the sixth grade. We were on our second lesson and I cannot believe how they are really applying what they are learning. Last month I outlined the 5 points of a drawing.  We focused that day on shadow and light. We had all the lights turned off so we could see more of the contrast in the shadow and the lighten area.

It never ceases to amaze me how quick the students can apply what they learn.

I was working with 2 classes. Each class was different. The first class is done the day before. So It helps me see what questions the children need help on. The second class is the next day. So I am a little more prepared. There are students who are not afraid of working with new ideas. They look at what they are achieving. Very creative ideas. It was fun to see them love what they were able to draw.  I wanted them to take time to relax and enjoy the exercises and view them as stepping stones for developing new art skills. One thing I help then remember is that challenging yourself  helps you to progress.

Thank you all your kids, for a great time in your classes. You’re surprising me with your hard work and fantastic drawings ­

Check out my other blogs. do we see in a drawing..   we are wonderfully made…

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