Happy Anniversary!

last week was my mom and dads 56th wedding anniversary. So  I started to jot down all the things that I appreciated about my parents and their marriage and how it contributed to helping me enjoy life in my married life. list of things.
Mom and dad always showed open affection to each other. As children we always knew that they loved each other. Mom was very supportive and always looked after us kids. She taught me how to paint walls she’s a good listener and always was straight forward to with her advice. She was my first art teacher. I remember when I was very little she used to draw me a man.  You know, to this day I still remember that drawing whenever I sit down and think about it.
….I had the privilege of helping my dad in the shop for 12 years and spending time with him while he was working on vehicle’s. He was always generous and helpful and spontaneously …always got up and helped others when they needed a hand. When I was 12, my sister and I climbed into the attic and we found a box. In there was a bunch of trinkets from a long time ago. We found a cherry blossom box and it never had been opened so, we asked my mom what was the cherry blossom box doing up in in the box upstairs in the Attic. She explained. “Well I was pregnant for you and we were in Toronto and I was having a craving for cherry blossom.. so your father got up in the middle of the night and he went to the store and it was closed, went to another store and he spent the whole night looking for cherry blossom. By the time he came home late in the morning I was already fast asleep and she never did eat that cherry blossom. ” I sure love that story. And they’re still living happily ever after. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.
Love Jacqueline…

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