Putting together a Children’s Book

I thought I could just paint and or draw the pages for my books. No sir, I posted a link to a fantastic video by an author and he hit all the notes on what to do, look for and how to do a dummy. Also how to set up a quality dummy for the publishers to see. It was called the 18 things you need to know to illustrate a children’s book

You can find so many other references if you look on-line. One great process that I found was to quickly do a speed dummy. A quick scribble, sketch of all the pages in sequence.

Rough dummy for silly
pages roughed in

I love this process. While you still have those creative juices going, you can express your ideas right away. This gives me the whole picture. This process also helped me to rewrite the storyline and fit all the, in between, illustrations to complete the story.

Till, next time, have a great day!


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