Lesson 4

TOOLS OF THE TRADE When a small child is born it has little motor control over its limbs and head. Over a period of months, the child starts to gain momentum and control in the movements. It usually starts with their hands. First, they will look at the hand and move the fingers slowly. Once … More Lesson 4

Lesson 3

There is looking & There is seeing Artist Jean Honoré Fragonard purposely created this painting as it is. He focused on her facial features and the intensity of the young lady as she was focused on something and pondering, just as her Artist was focusing on her. The Artist Henry David Thoreau said, ”It’s not … More Lesson 3

Lesson 1

Artistic tools seem unending. “The Artists Illustrated Encyclopedia written by Phil Metzger quotes “tools, techniques, material and terms” From abaca fibre to zinc white. (A reference book worth looking into) Today, I would like to focus on the basic tools and techniques that will help you build your skills. We are familiar with pencils and … More Lesson 1