What questions an Illustrator should ask?


Wow! this is an article I found and I loved it. It is from an Illustrator, Tracie Van Wagoner. In today’s world, we need to be shrewd and cautious. She hits all the points and concerns that I have read about over the years. Take a peek at her blog. I found it simple and informative. This helps us to create an open and honest agreement with our clients that helps both parties to enjoy the process. Thank you, Tracie, so much for your insight and experience for all us searching for answers.


Marketing: A portfolio must

One of things that I really appreciated when I went to college was that they wanted us to be prepared for the real world. Even though this was many eons ago in my lifetime I will never forget the importance of creating a portfolio of work that you could show your potential employers. At that time we didn’t have internet, we had our leather briefcase that was about two and a half feet tall and 3 feet wide. Actually, I still have my portfolio. It is a high quality leather portfolio and it still holds a lot of the masterpieces that I did when I was 14 and 15 years old. Many years later, when I took the graphic design course, they further emphasize the need for a portfolio. So I started collecting different pieces that I could demonstate different styles and abilities.

So why the article on portfolios. Most busness  people know that portfolios are your walking references and they are a

need to have item”..in order to be able to show your work. Next time we will talk about how you can create a simple portfolio.. At little or no cost..