Prince Rupert BC



What Can Jacqueline Price Do for you? 

  • To teach students Artistic tendency. To help others acquire fundamental skills for creating and achieving success at their work.
    Commercial Photography
  • To train your eyes to see what others don’t see. To think and create like an Artist!
  • Freelance Digital and Traditional Artist. Each piece is never done till it is WELL DONE.
  • Creative photography and restoration.
  • Graphic Designer and Web Graphics set up


Art related skills:  Teaching:

      • 3D drawing and rendering. In most mediums. • Pencil • Pen • Watercolour • Pastel • Conte’ • Acrylic • Digital Art • Sculpting and so forth.
      • Volunteer teaching in the grade schools. Grade 5-7 • Volunteering in community, teaching and research.
  • spacemancard
    Pen and Ink. Stippling and cross-hatching
  • This includes preparing each class and implementing a progressive program to achieve the student’s perception. This will enable them to draw in more detail and achieve the end work that they want.
    • Shading, shadows, reflection, contrast, line, shape, perspective, colour and printing knowledge
    • To develop a journal with different exercises to develop hand-eye coordination.
    • To have fun. Lots of fun.
    • Outdoor trips to study natural design and how it is implemented in all forms of art.
    • To use both parts of the brain to experiment with how the hand and the eyes work together. Including optical Illusions that we see, but is not.
  • Professional photographer and graphic designer.
  • Digital paintings and illustrations. Author and illustrator of children’s stories.

Graphics related skills: Teaching and advertising • Magazine layout • Logos • Business cards • Brochures • Typesetting • Corporate Identity • Design Layout • Advertising. Handling clientele proposals with simple or detailed design briefs for viewing • Invoices • Ordering and researching promotional products • Advertising and marketing techniques.

Photography • Photo shoots • Editing and touch-up • Teaching editing skills and poisingPhotojournalism • Documentary Photography • Digital Manipulation Photography • Portrait Photography • Fine Art Photography • Children Photography • Family

portfolio of Jacqueline price
Mom and Baby kiss

Photography • New Born Photography • Nature Photography • Landscape Photography • Creative Portraiture • Illustration and Digital paintings

Illustration skills • Traditional paintings and drawings always done on archive museum quality material • Digital painting and Portraitures. Murals SEE WEBSITE    jacquelineprice.com


Computer programs •Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Lightroom • Adobe Illustrator • Corel Draw • Corel Painter • Adobe InDesign • Adobe Bridge • Web Serif plus 7 • Perfect Photo suite 7 • Sketch-up (3D architect rendering) 2012

Series of Photography courses

  • Photoshop Mastery • Advanced Masking • Fundamentals of Digital Photography 2013 • Speedlights 101 • Bellies &

Babies • Newborn Posing • Wedding Photography Boot Camp • 28 Days with Sue Bryce • B&W photography and processing

Series of Graphic Design education

  • 1999 for 3 months Graphic Design training at IMAGE HOUSE Williams Lake BC
  • 1996 for 2 yrs. Sessions.comAcademy of Arts in New York City.                                                                                                         Completed Graphic Design I and II. • Corporate Identity • Information Design • Advertising Design • Branding and Identity • Web Design • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Illustration

Series of Art and Illustration education


  • 1979 Sheridan College Brampton, Ontario – Course – Illustration • All fundamental skills required to prepare for press and presentation.
  • Studies of design • Drawing • Human Body structure and drawings of live models) • texture • patterns • perspective • layout • composition • Typography • Photography, B&W photo process • composition …
  • 1974-1978 M.M. Roberson: Majored in Arts. All mediums, Sculpture. Glazes, Set designs for plays. Theatre makeup for plays


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