Each city has its secret places.

Each city has its secret places.

These are the kind of places that you go to that no one else knows about with its unique natural surroundings of animals and birds. Here in Richmond we have a lot of that the city on one side, is bustling but on the outskirts of Richmond there are small farms in the back lanes and the large ditches that are protected as estuaries for the wildlife. On the outside of tsawwassen, BC.  just before you arrive towards the ferry terminal is a large Heron colony consisting of approximately 200 birds. Between March and June these birds nest here and then afterwards some of them fly north and others go other places.. I’m setting up a photoshoot on Wednesday to go and take some photos. With my big camera.  I took one with my phone,

so when you see the little white dots those are the birds… Great blue herons are considered on the endangered species and are protected under the BC law and so we have to be very careful when we approach the wildlife so that they don’t abandon their nest. This is one of those things when we’re photographing birds we have to be really careful about their habitat so we don’t disturb them


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