Treasures in the Folders.

This afternoon I went through some old art pieces in  my bedroom and I happen to find some of the first photography pieces that I had done in the dark room. One was on composition and the other one  was on  black-and-white portraiture with composition. I was working on contrast and composition.


I really loved doing this at the college because we had a a press to help mount our photos. one of them is photo mounted on foam board and the other one is not and you’ll notice that the second one did not show as well. Looking back at the photos I never realized until now, being more experienced in photography and editing, that in the dark room, I could have manipulated the Overexposed part of the photo by using less exposure on the photo paper in that particular corner.


The upper part of the stairs is also very exposed and I could have changed that in the dark room. Well, of course, that was 33 years ago and I  was not very experienced. These old photos to bring back a lot of memories.

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