Draw. Draw. draw

Some of us just love to doodle and draw. But time, family, and other odds and ends can change all that for a while. Granma Lever was 72 when she started painting again. She loved to paint and did really well. She also bought a keln and did clay figures and things. It helped her keep busy and many others enjoyed her work…

The reason I am writing this is last evening we went out to the mall and after that went for dinner. I just wanted to doodle..on the papaer table cloth. I took some awsome photos with the phone and just wanted to draw iit. I did a sketch with crayons and the lovely waitresses complimented me. Normally I shyed from drawing in public because I hate to let others see it but you know what, I like to draw and I”m glad I did. One girl recieved  the drawing. Im glad. I hope her mom gets back to drawing. Not for money or show but to just create and draw. 

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